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From: Arizona, USA

Type of Warrior: Neuro


Hi there! My name is Cheryl, a wife and mom to 3 boys who are my world. Over the past 2 years I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Small Fiber Neuropathy, New Daily Persistent Headache, Occipital Neuralgia, POTS, Cervical Spine Arthritis, and Gastritis. It was like a trickle effect of diagnosis, one after the other and really flipped my whole world upside down.

Before these diagnosis I have always had a love for crafting and art and have run an Etsy shop since 2011. Through determination of not giving up what I love to do I have continued to design and create art as it’s a great distraction from everyday symptoms. I started an Instagram account in April 2021 creating digital art to reflect the life of someone who lives with chronic illness and pain. I wanted to help others to know they aren’t alone in this journey while also spreading awareness. 

Connect with Cheryl:

cheryl dear_chronic_pain
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What inspries Me

I am inspired by the chronic illness community to create art and express the life of chronic illness and pain. I often go off of my own feelings and experiences to create pieces that others typically relate to.

Their Card Events

illness can be spooky

illness can be spooky

It's that time of year again... pumpkin spice, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, costumes, and trick-or-treating. To spread a bit of Fall cheer, we are sending out these adorable cards created by warrior artist, Stephie. Don't you love those ghosts? So cute!We know that life...

Xmas in July ’22

Xmas in July ’22

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You are loved

You are loved

“I wanted this card design to spread cheerfulness and represent our warrior community, which is why some of these friendly hearts have visible or invisible chronic illnesses or disabilities. For example some warriors wear sunglasses because of light sensitivity, and...

DEC ’21: Holiday

DEC ’21: Holiday

Created by our warrior artist, Stephie, this festive card celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter Fest! So that Gnome matter how you celebrate, we are celebrating with you! Stephie made a time lapse video of this project.. You can see it here! 🙂

Happy Notes from Recipients

Each card I receive makes me feel remembered. Thank you!


Texas , United States

Your cards keep me going! You are all with me in good times and bad.



Thank you for all the love and for always cheering me on.

United Kingdom

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