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From: Canada

Type of Warrior: Neuro


My name is Jess, I’m 32 and I create greeting cards and other little works of art I’m inspired to. In 2016 I developed a rare migraine condition called New Daily Persistent Headaches (NDPH) which is a headache/migraine that starts out of the blue one day and never goes away, it’s there when you wake up, when you are asleep…always. Unfortunately I didn’t have a diagnosis at the beginning so I just lived in a dark cave with audiobooks as my best friends. Four years and 1500 books later, the 4th neurologist was finally able to diagnose me!! Now with medication the pain levels are often low enough to function most days, I can even read my dearly beloved books again, listening gets old… All in moderation of course and if the weather pressure shifts all bets are off. That’s why you’ll see a little less of me in spring and fall. 

Because of this, I was able to turn my love of art and my love of making greeting cards for friends and family into a small business💙. It’s been such a game changer to have art in my life again and to be able to share it with others. So whether you’re a fellow artist, a fellow chronically ill warrior like me, a sponsor, or simply a beautiful fan of art and life, I hope you’ll say hi.

Connect with Jess:

Jessica Albert

Favorite Mediums

I love working with ink, pencil crayons and watercolours mostly, my main focus is greeting cards. I’ve recently started to create colouring pages, symptom trackers, stickers, magnets, bookmarks and more! 

What inspries Me

I’m inspired by anyone who has to get up in physical or mental pain everyday and act like all is well, I love to create anything that lightens my day in the hopes that it will do that same for someone else struggling through.

Their Card Events

One Tough Cookie

One Tough Cookie

YOU are one tough cookie!! That’s the theme from this year’s Christmas in July card that was created by our Canadian warrior artist, Jess.  Can you relate to this “banged up but still standing” gingerbread cookie?  Since we’ve just passed the halfway point of the...

Prickly Hug card

Prickly Hug card

This super cute, and super prickly card was designed by Jess and features two hugging cacti. Designed to bring cheer and support to our warriors who are going through an especially prickly, difficult time along their journey!

Xmas in July ’22

Xmas in July ’22

Hi and welcome to our lighthearted Christmas in July celebration! Check out this adorable art collaboration between Jess Albert and Stephie Noldt! Don't you love it?! :)The card represents the northern and southern hemispheres... where it is warm, beach weather in the...

Happy Notes from Recipients

Each card I receive makes me feel remembered. Thank you!


Texas , United States

I have a group of friends who “get it” and who I can have fun with!


Florida, United States

I have a purpose again – I’m a warrior and a Club leader. 

Ontario, Canada

You can make a difference.