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From: United Kingdom

Type of Warrior: Neuro


Naomi is a disability warrior she has hEDS, Severe M.E (with secondary complications) as well as chronic migraines. Despite all this, Naomi loves to brighten people’s day by sending mail –  so she loves participating in the CWC’s Warrior Card Swap as well as being a crew member for the Cards2Warriors program. Naomi also has a blog and YouTube channel. Naomi uses her creativity to uplift and encourage fellow warriors around the world

Connect with Naomi:

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Favorite Mediums

My drawing pens and colouring pencils, mixed media and digital art.

What inspires Me

Things that make people smile like rainbows, positive quotes and cute animals!

Their Card Events

Hang in There

Hang in There

Every illness warrior needs extra support from time to time... especially during those tough times when it's hard to keep fighting! Naomi created these adorable cards to remind warriors to hang in there... We've sent them to our partners so that patient care teams can...

For Caregivers

For Caregivers

This was the first card we sent to caregivers as a test run to see how caregivers would respond. We were blown away by the power of this simple card and how it touched the hearts of the recipients... along with those who nominated them! It was fabulous and we can't...

Happy Notes from Recipients

Each card I receive makes me feel remembered. Thank you!


Texas , United States

I have a group of friends who “get it” and who I can have fun with!


Florida, United States

I have a purpose again – I’m a warrior and a Club leader. 

Ontario, Canada

You can make a difference.