Chronic Warriors Org

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Chronic Warriors Org, inc. is a 501(c)(3) based in Central Florida. #85-2622373

Our mission is to provide social-emotional support in the form of personalized greeting cards filled with love, hope, and cheer to those living with long-term illness, rare disease, longCOVID, disability, as well as those who are undiagnosed and seeking answers. These cards are a lifeline to those who receive them… they are tangible proof that someone is thinking of them and that they are NOT alone on their illness journey!

Our programs include: Cards2Warriors and the Warrior Card Swap.

We have special volunteer programs for High School students seeking to earn community service hours for college scholarship, as well as programs for local college students who are pursuing a degree in a medical-related field.

By learning about what life is really like when one lives with a long-term illness or rare disease, our student volunteers learn empathy  that will serve them in their careers as they care for patients!


Please note: As our Cards2Warriors program continues to grow and become our main focus, our board has voted to officially change the name of our organization to Cards2Warriors, inc. and it will become effective once the IRS processes the paperwork later this year.

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