How we started…

A girl and a heart for helping others. At age 4, Sadie Veselka was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (JIA, scleroderma, JDM, Raynaud’s). Her world was filled with pain, doctors, infusions and hospital stays. Her heart was huge and she possessed an empathy for those in pain that was far beyond her years.

When she was 8, she had an ah-ha moment and said: When I help others, MY body feels better!

Always part of nonprofit programs that provided support for those in need. Sadie was recognized for her work with a fellow arthritis warrior when at age 9, she was given the Youth in Philanthropy Award for Central Florida.

Via her non-profit, SadieStyle, she continued helping others by raised funds for gas cards for patients to get to treatment, goodies for the treasure box at the pediatric infusion room, and when the pandemic started – funds to send local food trucks out to feed the frontline healthcare workers that take care of all the kids with illnesses all year long!

Last year, Sadie decided it was time for a name that felt more inclusive and that welcomed warriors from everywhere to join in and be part of the giving so that they could experience that “warm feeling you get in your heart when you help others.”

So, she shut down SadieStyle and helped us relaunch as Chronic Warriors Org – a tiny nonprofit with a huge mission! Our Cards2Warriors program hopes to send 100,000 cards to warriors worldwide who live with chronic illness, rare disease, disability or longterm COVID. Won’t you join us!

Please say hello. If you received a card from Sadie and would like to receive future specialty cards from our crew, register here!

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