Let’s Be Jowly

Greetings illness Warriors!
Tis the season… and we’re celebrating YOU! Always.
Additionally, we’re all about celebrating the good stuff in our lives… including of our fur-friends who walk beside us bringing joy, support, and LOVE.
It is our hope that this card and sticker will bring YOU a bit of joy and cheer… and that it will remind you that you are NOT alone! We love you and we are cheering for you always!

Don’t you just love this adorable card? Each animal was lovingly created by Katrina, a Central-Florida based artist known for her cute critters and her punny sense of humor!

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Meet the Artist

Orlando artist, Katrina Constantine, is known for signature penguins (see how she added them to the red dog pajamas?!:) and for creating adorable animal artwork. We were delighted when she agreed to create this holiday card for us! In case you're wondering... here are the breeds: The service dog is a rescue dog, then a corgi, a pittie, a chihuahua, a german shepherd and a terrier! The cat on the mantle is napping after writing the message (see the piece of chalk tucked in its paws? 🙂 Most of our warriors celebrate Christmas, with a handful who celebrate Hanukkah... and a bit of Winter (no holiday) sprinkled in... so this card is meant to honor all of our warriors AND their furry pals who make life (and the holidays) a bit more festive!

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harper family charitable foundation
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