Hang in There

Every illness warrior needs extra support from time to time… especially during those tough times when it’s hard to keep fighting! Naomi created these adorable cards to remind warriors to hang in there… We’ve sent them to our partners so that patient care teams can get them to the patient warriors who need them in the moments that they desperately need to be reminded that they are NOT alone!

Meet the Artist

I love card making and crafting. I made this sloth card using a die cut and bits of scrap paper for the different elements of the image. I then scanned this onto my computer and created the card in Canva. To make the flower ‘pop’ I added a sequin in the centre. When trying to decide what message to put on the design, I thought of the wording ‘hang in there’ which both applies to how sloths hang in trees but also how it’s a nice motivational message. When you’re going through a tough time you’ve just got to ride it out and hang in there until brighter times come your way, so my hope is that by receiving a card with this message that you feel very seen and supported.

Meet the Warriors who signed your card

Milo McAllister
jen waters headshot
tina roig double lung transplantee

Meet our Sponsors

Harper Family Charitable Foundation
Harper Family Charitable Foundation
Horizon Therapeutics

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